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In 1908, the worship gathering at the Korean YMCA in Japan by several Korean students was the beginning of the Tokyo Korean Church in Japan’s ministry.  The first founding members included such historical figures as Cho Man Shik, Kim Jung Shik, Baek Nam Hoon, and Kim Suk Bo. The ministry provided a place for hope and rest to the Korean people who suffered the loss of their country and identity during the Japanese occupation.  After the Korean independence, the Tokyo Church through its ministry offered consolation and hopes to the Korean people in Japan and founded 5 more ministries in Japan.  Moreover, for almost a century, Tokyo Church has fostered and commissioned numerous Christian leaders to work for the mother country and the Koreans living in Japan.



1. Church with Doors Wide Open
Tokyo Church is an interdenominational church that welcomes people from all race, nationality and backgrounds to come together for a heartfelt worship.

2. Church with Relevant Education
Tokyo Church strives to nurture leaders of faith who can contribute to the community, the people and the world.

3. Church with Care
Tokyo Church strives to share compassionate care for those in need including the elderly and the socially misrepresented.


1. Worship
Worship is the very soul of the religious life.  It is the spiritual communion with God.  It is the very nature of comfort, hope and courage.

2. Education
Bible studies for disciple training based upon the Words of God and education for spiritual succession through Sunday school worship.

3. Fellowship
Fellowship rooted in the love of Jesus Christ, fellowship through small group (28) worships, fellowship through each of church organizations’ and departments’ volunteer activities.


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동경교회 동경교회 동경교회
동경교회 동경교회 동경교회
동경교회 동경교회 동경교회
동경교회 동경교회 동경교회
동경교회 동경교회 동경교회


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