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    Welcome to Tokyo Korean Christian Church in Japan (“Tokyo Church”).

●Tokyo Church is the first established Korean church in Japan
Tokyo Church began in 1908 as a small worship gathering of Korean students in Tokyo. Tokyo Church played a leading role in the 2.8 Declaration of Independence, nurtured a lot of excellent Christian workers, and supported the spiritual and social welfare of the Korean-Japanese community.

●Tokyo Church is a global church.
We are a “family of God” made up of members with diverse language and cultural backgrounds. We are now establishing “the house of God”, in spite of our diversity. Beyond the Japanese society, we are collaborating with other churches abroad in order to carry out the Christian mission.

●Tokyo Church is preparing for the future.
In preparation for the next 100 years, Tokyo Church is focusing on the reaffirmation and proclamation of a pure and powerful Gospel, renewal of the church, nurturing and training of its members, social responsibility and collaboration to promote the Christian mission.

●Tokyo Church belongs to Jesus Christ
We confess that Jesus Chris is the head of the church, and we daily put our trust in the guidance of Holy Spirit. As such, we seek to obey and follow God and to serve others in Christ.

We really welcome you to Tokyo Church. We as yokefellows look forward to fulfilling our vision given by God.







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24 Wakamiya-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 162-0827, Japan
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